Board Members

David W. Gordon III, LTC, USA Retired

President and Founder


Bert A. Lawson, COL, USAF Retired



Michael Seely, BG, USA Retired

Board Member


Donald L. Brown, COL, USA Retired

Board Member


Anthony (Tony) Tsapralis

Board Member


Brian G. Brown

Board Member


Ronnie Fouts

Board Member

For The Warriors Foundation is incorporated as a public educational and charitable non-profit organization whose mission is to assist disabled service members fully integrate back into society and live a rewarding,  fulfilling and productive life.  The Foundation will achieve this goal by providing challenging and adventure/outdoor activities, adaptive sporting events, and programs.  We will also strive to empower veterans through their personal successes to mentor and assist other disabled veterans achieve their full potential.  We will plan and promote activities that educate the general population on the dedication and selflessness of the caregivers and the warriors’ families who attend to these warriors every day by planning and promoting activities dedicated to them.

All activities of the Foundation are conducted by the Board of Directors, the Officers, and volunteers.  Activities are conducted year-round and in the United States.

The activities and actions of the Board, the Officers, and volunteers further the personal well-being and confidence of the veterans and through these activities we achieve the goal of integrating the veteran back into society.  Sponsoring and promoting these various events, programs, and team activities with the general population participation provides the veteran an opportunity to engage not only with other veterans, but with those that understand the plight and are willing to offer a helping hand.  100 percent of the Foundation’s time is dedicated to fund raising and promoting for these events and/or planning for and conducting various events and programs.

The Foundation is funded through donations from the general population and corporate entities.

The Foundation has no alternate names.